The Day We Brought Home Our Puppy

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The Day We Brought Home Our Puppy

On the 31st January 2016, a furry little bundle of absolute joy, came home and into our lives.

We chose to name our gorgeous little 12 week old Shitzu puppy, ‘King Louis’.

I will never forget that day, when we drove up to Canterbury in Kent where the breeder was. It was a Sunday morning and rather misty when we first left for our two hour drive. Myself and Steve, hot chocolates in hand were discussing names on the drive there, as we were still torn between three different names. I said that we should just wait until we have him home with us and get to spend some more time with him, to see what name suits his little personality.

I glanced and turned to our backseat, where I smiled fondly at the little ‘Welcome Home’ pack we had put together for him. A soft and snuggly blanket with the scent of us on, a couple of toys, a portable water bowl, a puppy lead and collar, some suitable puppy treats and the cutest and warmest bed. 

The Road-Trip To Collect & Bring Our Puppy Home

We were both so excited and buzzing on the journey, but understandably there was a small sense of trepidation in the air! After all, we were the ones who had chosen him, chosen to bring him into our lives, our home, our schedule…we just wanted more than anything for him to feel settled, safe and happy with us and embrace his new family home.

Once we’d settled any outstanding information with the breeder and received some puppy goodies from them, along with the necessary paperwork, I had our little fur-baby wrapped up nice and snug in his blanket with a toy from the bed he’d been sleeping in with his brothers, sisters and mum, ready in my arms to head home.

Looking back I have to laugh, as I don’t think I’ve ever seen Steve drive so slowly or carefully! Not that he’s a reckless driver by any means but every little bump in the road, Steve would quietly gasp and ask if our pup was okay!

Arriving Home

When we finally arrived home, we made sure not to overwhelm him or just place him down anywhere. We straight away put him on a puppy training pad (God bless whoever invented those)!-as we’d stopped a few times on our journey home, but he hadn’t wanted to go. Poor little thing must have been holding it in, as he peed for what felt like ages on the pad!

In a peaceful and tucked-away corner of our living room, we already had set-out and ready his new little bedroom. After much extensive research, we had brought a crate for training purposes and made it as cosy and as welcoming for any puppy as we possibly could. I strongly believe that a crate really helped King Louis adapt and settle in so well, so quickly and for that reason, I will be composing a separate blog post on this subject, with my top tips, along with many more pooch friendly posts.

A lovely moment later that afternoon, was when we’d had a couple of hours alone as a little family of three and then my parents and sister arrived to meet him. As you can imagine, there was plenty of ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing’ with lots of photos, cuddles and puppy kisses. 

He’d stolen their hearts too.

The First Night With Our Puppy

I remember the only time I felt nervous that day and a pang of guilt, was at bedtime when we had King Louis all settled in his crate with everything he needed.

We left a lamp on dimly and left a talk-radio station on low, as I’d read both of these tips could help ease and relax your new arrival into their new home. Myself and Steve snuck off on our tip-toes upstairs, literally holding our breath I swear! He cried gently for about 10 minutes if that and then settled down for the night and didn’t stir until about 6.30am the next morning.

From that day our lives had been changed forever in the loveliest possible way. We now don’t just have ourselves to think about, but this beautiful little creature as well. He solely relies on us for, bath time, walks, feeding, vet visits, grooming, training, filling up his water bowl…the list goes on!

Myself and Steve often say to one another ‘I can’t remember what this house was like before Louis’…

Now that to me, says it all.


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  1. Laura
    July 20, 2017 / 8:08 am

    Oh just look at him – such a little cutie!! xx

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