Top Tips When Bringing Home A New Puppy

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In the weeks running-up to when we brought King Louis home, I spent hours upon hours almost daily, reading up on tips and general advice on what to do AND what not do when bringing home a new puppy. 

I read books, trawled website upon website, watched YouTube videos, spoke to friends with dogs…at times it was a bit overwhelming and daunting!

Now it wasn’t like I’d had no experience with puppies before, as growing up we’d had a Bichon Friese from a puppy, but I was a child myself back then and I must admit my mum did most of the hard-work and training, to help him develop into such a wonderful family pet.

After all my research and gathering of information on all things puppies, I thought it might be helpful to compose a post with my top tips on what to when bringing home your new furry friend. 

Be organised!

It is imperative that you are as organised as you can be for the arrival of your fluffy new family member. Organisation will help prevent any stress for not only yourself, but the puppy also. 

Click here for for a free, cute check-list you can download to help you get organised!


Make sure anything that could hurt your puppy–medicines, chemicals, certain plants, harmful human food such as chocolate is out of reach. Puppies are curious by nature, so you need to ensure no harm can come their way.

Prepare the family

For a shy puppy or dog being taken away from their mother and siblings and being placed into a new home with new sounds, smells and senses, can be an extremely overwhelming experience. Make sure to let any other family members know to try and keep the mood relaxing and low-key. It’s understandably tempting to be over-excited and constantly wanting to be around your new pup, playing with them picking them up…But it’s also important for people to respect their new dog’s space and personal time to chill out.

Set Up A Daily Routine

A routine helps with house training and is reassuring to your puppy

Try and figure out a schedule ASAP for walks, meals, bathroom breaks, exercise and play. Try to stick to it as best as you can, as this will honestly help your puppy settle in a lot quicker and help you bond with them through the routine and training.

Find a good vet

It’s especially important for a puppy’s first vet visit to be a pleasant experience, so that your dog learns to take trips to the vet in their stride. 

If you aren’t sure of a good local vets, ask around for referrals and schedule your first appointment to get a feel of the vets.

Your pup will need a check-up and possibly some vaccinations as soon as possible, so make this a priority on your to-do list!

The bottom line…

Your puppy’s first few weeks in their new home will likely be a period of huge adjustment for them and yourself. You can make this new life transition a lot calmer and enjoyable for all of you, if you follow the advice covered in this post, as well as remembering to ask for the necessary help or guidance when you need too from a professional such as a trainer or vet.

I am by no means a professional, just an enthusiastic dog-lover whose learnt a thing or two…

I hope you found this post helpful and wish you and your new furry loved one all the happiness together and the best of luck!


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