My Essentials For Wellness Walking


 My favourite form of fitness I personally like to call ‘Wellness Walking’.

Walking is a part of my daily-routine due to being a dog owner, however you do not need to own a dog to get out and about on your feet and experience your own form of wellness walking.

Not only is it free but it can be done wherever, whenever, alone or with friends and is perfect for people like me, who just do not get on at the gym and don’t always have the time to attend classes.


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My Essential Items for Wellness Walking


Comfy Footwear (I adore my super bright Nike Air Zoom Trainers for extra support and comfort)

Ladies Gym Leggings (Jack Wills have a gorgeous new collection which are not only comfortable but really stylish too for everyday living as well as fitness)*

My iPhone and headphones (I go nowhere without these)!

A bottle of water and my inhaler to hand (hey, not so glamorous but essential for me)!


My Go To Podcasts

I rarely listen to music anymore when I am out and about as I am seriously obsessed with podcasts. I enjoy them that much that I’d love to one day start my own but for now, I find such inspiration and guidance in them as well as learning something new, such as discovering people or small businesses I may never have heard of otherwise. I also listen to stand-up comedy through them and inspiring life stories. They really are the perfect partner for me when I am off out on long walk with King Louis or if I am flying solo.

There are LOTS I could share with you but for now, here are my ‘go to’ podcasts;


SheerLuxe Highlights

Not only am I a fan of the SheerLuxe website but find their podcasts brilliant too and make sure to listen to them as soon a new one comes out. Their format is the founder Georgie Coleridge Cole, sitting round a table with members of the SL team and sometimes a guest and just having a good old chat from a huge variety of topics (some serious, some not so). It makes me feel like I am with the girls having a good catch-up and I always have something to google from their chats, be it a new bar opening in London, to a book I should read.


The Small and Mighty Podcast

Sam Burgess is the lady behind this super inspiring podcast, interviewing successful entrepreneurs and hearing their personal stories, good and bad on what it is like to be your own boss and more.

As many of you may know, I spend most of my time working for myself and hope to one day say I have built a successful business and listening to Sam and her extraordinary guests really inspires me to believe in my goals and keep going with what I am doing.

A very uplifting and motivational show!


Steve Allen – A Little Bit Extra

Steve Allen is a successful broadcaster on LBC but his award-winning show is on from 4-7am, so unless I have a bad night’s sleep (which I do quite a bit at times)!, then I don’t always hear his shows. This daily podcast is something he makes to give people like me a 15-20 minutes run-down on the showbiz gossip of the previous day but with a twist…he is highly offensive at times, very to the point, extremely sarcastic and even though I don’t agree with everything he says, it does make me laugh out loud at times (rather embarrassing when fellow dog walkers go by..) 

This podcast is for those who want a bit of humour, nothing too serious and just a light-hearted distraction out of their daily routine.


Walking The Dog

Now you might say of course I am going to mention this as I do a lot of dog-walking, however it’s a show about the host Emily, going for dog walks with guests such as Russell Howard, Alan Carr, George Lamb and more…where they have a good laugh, a chat about their lives and personal stories. It really makes for a good listen and you feel like you are out walking with them, joining in on their tales.


 I’d love to know what your fitness routine is and your essentials for it or if you haven’t got one yet, has this maybe inspired you a little?

Would you give Wellness Walking a go?

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  1. June 26, 2018 / 6:49 pm

    Great post, I always keep my inhaler handy as well just in case I may need asthma treatment whenever I’m on a walk or hike. Thanks for sharing.

    • claireminawhite
      July 16, 2018 / 2:51 pm

      Always a good idea! Better to be safe than sorry! Thanks for reading 🙂

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