Why It’s Never Too Late To Change Your Dreams

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Why It’s Never Too Late To Change Your Dreams


2018 ‘New Year, New Me’.

Well, how about not a new ‘me’ and just a better version of me?

My main focus for 2018 apart from the usual (but necessary) cliches, such as trying to remain fit and healthy, saving more money where I can, exploring the world…etc etc, is to actually knuckle down and really focus on myself and my dreams.

My main dream and now set goal is to become a fully fledged photographer and get paid for doing so. I want this to be my career and my main source of income and the career which keeps me inspired, self-motivated excited, dynamic and most importantly…happy.

Now don’t get me wrong, this dream I do not expect (nor will it) to just happen overnight, or even within a few months to a year! This dream will take lots of patience, hard-work, determination and me being daring and bold enough to really give it my best shot! (excuse the pun).

This dream also wasn’t something that just came to me one night in my sleep, nor was it a light-bulb moment in my head. It’s something that I have been secretly thinking about from the side-lines for quite some time now but honestly, didn’t really know where to start with it.

Photography is a real art, it’s a skill and is not just taking a cute snap on your iPhone, giving it a filter and uploading it to Instagram (obviously this style of shooting is still amazing and gives people  including myself, a chance to share their captured moment in time and tell a story)-However, when you get a proper DSLR or point and shoot camera in your hands, it’s a completely different story, therefore a completely different photograph.

I have always wanted to be my own boss and work hard building my own little empire to have complete control and freedom over. Those who know me exceptionally well, have always known I have an entrepreneurial spirit inside me and I have not been afraid to experiment over the years…

I tried sourcing and selling gifts and items for the home, making and selling jewellery (which I still do for people on a commission basis), however there is one crucial thing I finally came to realise with these different ventures and projects-I was always MUCH more inspired, engaged and excited in the photography and branding side of the businesses rather than the actual products and selling themselves. Crazy I know but it’s true and it just took me a while to get there and realise that.

I am in my very early thirties (a lady never discloses her age)!- and sometimes panic internally and think ‘Oh my God! I am meant to have it all worked out by now. I can’t try something new, it’s not possible’!

Well you know what kid…it is!

With the wonderful support of family and friends and for the first time in a very long-time, the self-belief in myself that I could actually do this, I am no longer as worried or scared to change my dreams and try and follow a new and different path in life. I am still ‘me’ and everything I have achieved and done so far in my professional and personal life, has made me who I am right now and I truly believe all of the above will help me on this journey to hopefully becoming a photographer.

I do not have a crystal ball or a fortune teller on speed-dial, so I cannot be certain of course that this dream will ever be realised fully and come true for me, but you know what? That’s okay.

No one wants to know what the future may bring. The idea of that actually scares me and also, I think would take away the excitement and great mystery away of life and what will become of it.

All I do know is I am not afraid to give it everything I’ve got for now, I am not afraid to take risks and continue to keep learning, I am not afraid of what people may think of me and this dream chasing at 31 (eeekk I ruined it and told you all the number)! -And I have to continue to remind myself that as long as I am happy and content in what I am working hard to achieve, then to just keep going and look out for that shooting star.

I am currently working hard on a new separate website purely dedicated to my photography business, which I hope will be launching soon! However in the meantime, I’d be extremely grateful and do a little skip & dance, if you could go follow my new photography Instagram page here.

Moral of the story….It’s never too late to change your dreams.


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