My First Ocado Shop

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Could Ocado work out as budget friendly as other supermarket giants such as  Sainsburys and Tesco? Even Aldi?!

I decided to experiment and see, by placing my first Ocado order at the beginning of this week, after receiving a generous discount code from them and recommendations of their service from a good friend.

I have never done my online food shop with any brand before for two reasons;

1)-I was slightly put off by the initial sett-up of it and thought by the time I did it all, I could be down the shops and back!

2)-My local supermarket is an Aldi store, which as many of you will know is super budget friendly, yet still offers quality staples and their meat for example is really good.

As valid as these two points are, I am getting increasingly bored and uninspired of the much smaller selection and variety that Aldi has to offer and the busier life is getting with work and projects etc, the more precious time becomes. You don’t really want to be spending it in the supermarket when you don’t necessarily have too.

My Online Shopping Experience

I was SO surprised at how easy and quick it was to get all set-up and start adding to your cart. The navigation of the website is very user friendly and it’s categorised nicely with such options as ‘Food Cupboard, Fresh, Frozen, Bakery, Pets’ and many more.

You can always just search for an item in the search bar to if you know exactly what it is you are after.

I created my account  and first shopping basket in about 20 minutes!


Offers & Savings

There is a whole section of the site dedicated to daily offers and savings which I found really handy to view and picked up some fab deals on branded items.

One of my favourite current deals they have on there is ‘Buy One, Add One Free’ which offers you a huge selection on various food and snacks, where you can pick and choose which ones to add free. It doesn’t need to be two of the same product which is much better and adds more variety to you’re shopping basket.


Free Delivery Slots 7 Days A Week

Now this surprised me as I was expecting to pay a delivery charge and I was planning on selecting an off-peak time, as I know they are cheaper than say 1pm on a Saturday afternoon!

However when I clicked on ‘Book A Delivery’ to select a slot, I was very happy to see that for the next 7 days in my area (including weekends and all times of day or night) the deliveries were free! Extra bonus there-I don’t even have to worry about car-parking or petrol now 😉

Another note regarding Ocado deliveries-apparently if they are already going to be in your area with other customers, they will always offer a FREE option!

Confirmation Of Your Order & Delivery Schedule Updates

Once I’d place my order I received a confirmation email with my itemised bill and some pointers on  there, about what to expect from my first delivery. I had less than 24 hours to go from the moment I placed the order to receiving it.

I received a separate email the following morning informing me my delivery was on schedule for later that evening and to expect to see a ‘Raspberry’ van and my driver was called ‘Kelsey’.

Dead on 10pm (the last slot I could get for next day delivery), a knock went at the door and there was smiley Kelsey welcoming us to Ocado and showing us the paper work and how everything is on there, with expiry dates next to every item and categorised in subcategories, such as ‘freezer goods’ and ‘store cupboard goods’. She also asked me if there was anything I didn’t now require as she could keep it on the van and I wouldn’t be charged! That’s a pretty good service point to offer, as you may accidentally order something twice or order it then think, “Oh I already had lots of that in the cupboards’ and you can just let them take it back without paying anything!

We were also informed that we wouldn’t be charged for our delivery until the following morning, so you have plenty of time to adjust your order etc, which again is super useful.

Kelsey asked us where we wanted the bags and then brought them in and left them where we asked on the kitchen table, for us to sort out once she’d gone. Within 3mins of her arriving, everything was inside and she was off!

SO EASY and just think-no queuing or wrestling for the right trolley!


Colour Coded Bags

Our shopping arrived in colour coded bags (cupboard, fridge, freezer) which made sorting it out much easier.

I was told to keep the bags provided, as on my next delivery they’d pick them up, give you back 5p per bag and also take any other plastic bags you have (doesn’t need to be Ocado bags) for recycling. I kinda love that! 


No Substitutions

Substitutions were another thing which put me off online food shopping in the past, as they are just irritating! Especially when they do not deliver something essential.

My order was substitution free and whilst I know I’m only one shop in, I’ve heard feedback from friends, that they have a good track record on this. Kelsey our driver also explained that say you ordered Waitrose Essential Strawberries but they were OOS, they would substitute them with the next best thing and even if the different pack of strawberries they selected cost more than your original item, they wouldn’t change you any extra for it.


Great Variety of Food

Variety is something I felt we were missing from our weekly shop and dinner meal plans were starting to get rather tedious and uninspiring. The selection Ocado have to offer is simply brilliant and there is something to suit everyone! You can shop by allergies on there (such as Gluten Free), lifestyle choices like vegan and there are also recipe ideas on there, which is really good to discover exciting and delicious new meal plans!


Same Price As Tesco And Aldi

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some items which you can find cheaper in Aldi for example than Ocado. Pantry basics like tinned tomatoes, basmati rice etc…however I did the equivalent of almost 2 weeks worth of shopping and it came to the same price I usually spend in Aldi! I was shocked by that, as I always thought Waitress and Ocado were a ‘luxury’ option and something I wouldn’t necessarily do week on week.


My Final Thoughts

I know I am only one shop in with Ocado but I honestly couldn’t recommend it enough and really am looking forward to doing my next shop there when I need too!

It’s easy to use, inspiring for new recipe ideas, affordable and in line with what we like to spend on food on an average shop, is very convenient and quick and really helps free up some time in the week to be getting on with much more important or fun things, than wheeling a squeaky trolley round a busy super-market!

I would never rule out popping into my local Aldi if I needed say last minute baking ingredients or a top-up on milk or bread, however for my weekly full shop…Ocado all the way!

Why not give it a try yourself and let me know what you think?

Here’s a great discount code to use to get you started:

  £20 off First Shopping Over £80 plus Free Delivery Pass for a Year at Ocado



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